Monday, 1 August 2011


Since in my primary school,,I love to read The Chicken Soup for The Soul..
This kind of books have many chapters of interesting story you know.huu.
So, here I wanna tell you something ~ :)
read carefully yah ! heh


Starting with a little boy and his happy family. He has a cheerful parent and also a little sister. Since he was a village boy, he used to help his father doing the man works - cut on timbers , etc. 
In order to it , he appreciate his life even though he comes from a very poor family. He close together with his family partners.What's so special with his family ?? you know what,,every single night,,,his family will dance together upon them.They opened up a few songs to have the dance..
By then,they sound asleep in a tiny room . :))

As time passed by , he getting older and older , so with his family. One day , his parent going to a club around the town. He felt so strange about that..but then he ignored. -,-
Days by days , his parent keep going to that place and having their happy time. And so, they slightly forget their own responsibilities..they started ignoring their children.
This boy felt so sad . ;'(


Although his parent hurts his heart, he still doing his duty towards his parent in any situation.- what a good son- :))
Then,it comes to a day,,a day which full of sorrow - :'(
His beloved mother died upon preparing breakfast for them.She lied on the floor with slammed plates..~
What should he do next ? Is his responsibilities doubled ??
But then, his father became realized on what he had done to his children before.
"I had my happy time with her ..but you both had your hard time because of us.That's unfair.I'm sorry , son." said his father to him in front of his young sister.
Since then, his got his happy life back..with his father besides him..even no longer with his beloved mother. That was the last dance within him and his mother. ~