Friday, 15 July 2011


15TH JULY 2011
This morning, I went to hospital..but it doesn't matter..
even I'd stay a bit long there..-full of patient :(
erm,after that,I walked quickly to my lovely stall-ahah..
for the 'Karnival Usahawan Muda' :))
Get tired but still have courage to go on..Alhamdulillah :)
A few minutes after helping them,,I go get my bags and so on..
rushing = excited going back home :))

erm so..we ( me,Syera,Nad,Zaty) took a taxi to go pilah..
when we reached.,.we took another bus..-TransNasional-
perhh,,not bad..ahhahah.
In Seremban,,we took TransNasional again..
that will send us to Shah Alam..
this time,,the bus was super cool..
CLUB CLASS you know~ ahahhah..
quite wide :P ahakz
felt so great :)
yahh,,I admit..this is my first time get a long journey by bus :)
that's why I'm so excited now :0

Then,,when we're almost get there(Shah Alam)..
we blurred ;I
'Is this the place we're going to stop.??'
unfortunately,,the bus get continued the way..
OMG ~ what we're going to do now ? the bus will stop at Klang Sentral..
I'd never get there for your information..hah.
so many trouble we had during our journey this tyme,,
However,,I'm safely arrived my home now :)) alhamdulillah .huu